History of NSF

The Nigeria Shooting Sport federation NSSF, (formerly known as the Nigeria Amateur Shooting Association NASA) come into existence on paper in September 1976, following the decision reached during the meeting of the commissioners in charge of sport held in Lagos early in the year as the sole controlling body for the sport of shooting in the country.

Thus, the Nigeria Shooting Sport federation became a member of the international Shooting Sport Federation and also a member of the African shooting sport federation AS (founded in March 1981). Comodore Edwin Kentebe was the pioneer-chairman to steer the affairs of the federation followed by a few elected – leaders and culminating with the present Shooting Federation – President, while Mr. P.O.C Achebe was the first Federation’s – Secretary after whom many others administered the before Mr. Anthony Idaye.

For some years after the inception of the sport in the country, the federation existed passively between 1976 and 1989 owing to lack of a trainer until December 1989 when Late Major J.O Ojo (rtd) joined the federation and helped to organised the first national open Air – Pistol shooting championships in the country,. Subsequently, many male and female shooter, who won laurel for the country in continental championships were trained as well as states shooting coaches, and competitions – officials.

Shooting is one of re most discipline of all sports that encouraged responsibility, deligence and friendship; hence only men and women who are highly disciplined are suitable to practise the sport. In the statutes and regulations of the NSSF, the list of unsuitable personalities are:-

a. People with recorded criminal cases or who have been sentenced to penal servitude.
b. People with mental problem or unsound mind.
C. People with uncontrollable tempers ot those subject to police supervision, bound over by a re cognizance to keep the peace or be of good behaviour
D. People with doubtful or dubious character as well as those without honest interest of the sport and
F. People who are addicted to illegal drug or excessive consumption of alcohol

Past President and Secretary.

2013- 2017: Wole Madariola (President), Abulude Dayo (Secretary)



National Sports Festival 1998, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2006, 2009
Folawiyo Iyanda Lagos open championship 2002
Late Major ojo shooting championship Lagos 2013

And many more


1. 5th All African Game, Cairo, Egypt 1991
2. 4th African championship, Cairo, Egypt 1995
3. 15th common wealth game, Victoria, Canada 1994
4. 6th All African Game , Harare, Zimbabwe 1995
5. 7th African championship, Pre to ria, South- Africa, 1997.
6. 18th Common wealth game, Melbourne, Australia 2006.
7. 9th All African Game 2007, Algiers, Algeria, 2007
8. 11th All African Game 2014, Cairo, Egypt 2014
9. 20th common wealth game, Glassgow, Scotland 2014